NecroBot – A Pokemon GO bot (Automatic Pokemon catching and more)

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NecroBot – A Pokemon GO bot (Automatic Pokemon catching and more)

Pokemon catching:

Automatic Pokemon catching, with excellent throws and reactive AI based on each encounter. Raspberries and PokeBall usage is determined on-the-fly, to ensure you aren’t wasting those hard-earned items on Rattatas. Now with support for wild and lured Pokemon!

PokeStop Farming:

Grabbing PokeStops made efficient by using shortest path logic to determine the quickest route. Pokemon are automatically caught along the way, ensuring the quickest experience per hour while staying topped up on items

Human walking:

NecroBot capitalizes on emulating a human-like experience to hide from prying eyes. Features such as customizable delays and human-like walking at any speed make detection that much harder, and softbans a thing of the past.


Custom routes, egg hatching, incense, lures, evolving, tranferring, and lucky eggs. Bot exactly how you like with NecroBot’s large list of features and highly customizable settings.


  • [PTC Login / Google]
  • [Get Map Objects and Inventory]
  • [Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns]
  • [Farm pokestops]
  • [Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood]
  • [Throw Berries/use best pokeball]
  • [Transfers duplicate pokemons]
  • [Evolve all pokemons]
  • [Throws away unneeded items]
  • [Humanlike Walking]
  • [Configurable Custom Pathing]
  • [Softban bypass]
  • [AutoUpdate / VersionCheck]
  • [Multilanguage Support]
  • [Use lucky egg while evolve]
  • [Egg Hatching Automatically]
  • [Multi bot support]
  • [Snipe pokemon]
  • [Power-Up pokemon]

%name NecroBot – A Pokemon GO bot (Automatic Pokemon catching and more)

What’s new in v0.8.7?

No kill switch, no update checking , Final Version, No More Updates Ever – do NOT snipe, do not walk faster than 15km/h, do not lower your action delays below 3000ms and you should be fine!!

In this release, sniping for all services works again! Numerous bug fixes are also in this release, resulting in a more stable NecroBot overall.
We have also added a configuration settings tool, however it is in beta and you should only use the tool if you”ve backed up your settings.
Installation & Configuration:

Compiled release steps are recommended for any end-user who has no intention of modifying the source code.

Using compiled release (v0.8.7)

Config included! If you prefer to edit your config file by hand, config.txt is a great guide to the configuration settings.

Config 2: 50k+ exp/h many snorelax/dragonite/aerodactyl/lapras/… stable version without soft-ban.

1. farm pokestops until you have 20 balls
2. snipe with for good pokemon (check the “Pokemon”: for the list in the config)
3. save for 90% of full inventory to use lucky egg and evolve all 

  • caterpie
  • weedle
  • pidgey
  • rattata
  • spearow
  • zubat
  • doduo

v0.8.7:No kill switch, no update checking , Final Version, No More Updates Ever – do NOT snipe, do not walk faster than 15km/h, do not lower your action delays below 3000ms and you should be fine!!

  1. Download the latest release (v0.8.7) Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3
  2. Unzip the downloaded files, run the program (NecroBot.exe).
  3. A console window will appear and then soon close. This is generating the config/auth JSON files.
  4. Navigate to the Config/auth.json file.
  5. Change AuthType to google or ptc based on your login type of choice.
  6. Enter your username and password with quotes around them. You can find an example below.
    • For Google logins, use GoogleUsername and GooglePassword.
      • If the Google login uses 2-factor authentication, you will be prompted when Necrobot attempts to login.
    • For PTC logins, use PTCUsername and PTCPassword. Make sure to keep the quotations ” ” in front and at the end.
For Google
   "AuthType": "google",
   "GoogleUsername": "[email protected]",
   "GooglePassword": "yourgooglepassword",
   "GoogleRefreshToken": null,
   "PtcUsername": null,
   "PtcPassword": null
   "AuthType": "ptc",
   "GoogleUsername": null,
   "GooglePassword": null,
   "GoogleRefreshToken": null,
   "PtcUsername": "yourptcusername",
   "PtcPassword": "yourptcpassword"
  1. Save the auth.json file.
  2. Edit Config/config.json with your desired settings.
    • The defaults settings are generic so you WILL have to modify these to match what you desire from NecroBot.
    • More details on these settings can be found here
    • For GPX Path Setup, follow the guide at GPX Pathing Setup
    • For Sniping Setup, follow the guide at Sniping Setup
  3. Insert your latitude and longitude values in the DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitudevariables.
    • You can find GPS coordinates here to fit your desired location.
  4. Save the config.json file.
  5. Run NecroBot again.
    • If you are using a Google account to login which is setup with 2-factor authentication, NecroBot will open a Google page in your default browswer and request for your 2-factor token.
  6. Enjoy!

Changing the Location of the Bot

  1. If your Bot is running, close it.
  2. Change the value of DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude in your Config/config.json file.
  3. Run the bot. Done!


Check out more about NecroBot

Sad face 🙁

Due to legal action being started against other bot creators/devs (we did not receive a letter yet) the Project development will be stopped. All Source Files / Downloads will be removed. We now have to say Good Bye to the awesome Community. Over 100k Members on Discord and 500k Downloads a day!

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