WhatsApp Mod HD Edition v7.0 APK

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%name WhatsApp Mod HD Edition v7.0 APK
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WhatsApp HD

Another WhatsApp Mod but in HD Edition.


  1. Complete Black HD UI
  2. New Ticks Material Style
  3. New Contact And Group Avatar
  4. New Incoming Notification Icon
  5. Base version 2.12.229

What’s New

  1. Base version Update

Credits : Sidzy

How To Install ?

  1. Take Backup of Messages, Open Whatsapp then go to: Settings > Chat Settings > Back up chats
  2. Download WhatsApp HD from given link below
  3. Uninstall Original Whatsapp from your Phone. (Otherwise You Can’t Install This Edition)
  4. Install WhatsApp HD

%name WhatsApp Mod HD Edition v7.0 APK


WhatsApp Mod HD Stock Emoji v7.0 Apk (19.4 mb) | Mirror

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